Pink® Shea Butter Coconut Oil 10-N-1 Self Heating Hot Oil Treatment


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This self-heating treatment imparts natural conditioners, to revitalize dry hair and scalp.

Contains Shea Butter, Coconut, Castor, Jojoba and other beneficial oils to penetrate dry, damaged hair, restoring softness, shine, and manageability in minutes!

This clean rinsing formula can be used before or after shampooing to condition and moisturize your hair and scalp and repair split ends. Perfect treatment for color-treated hair.

10 Benefits

Restores Moisture
Helps repair dry, damaged hair
Pre-shampoo treatment
Soothes dry scalp
Improves elasticity
Helps stop breakage
Softens hair
Improves combability
Eliminates frizz
Adds shine


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